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National Parenting Publication Awards says...

"The PreSafe Program is excellent. A teacher who uses it would find it an excellent teaching tool. Itís well organized into easy to understand chapters and is full of lessons and activities designed to impart knowledge about various kinds of safety."

Child Care ClassHigh-quality safety education is the most important thing MISSING in early-stage learning programs! We believe young children deserve more than an annual trip to the fire station or visit by the police. One day of safety training each year is not enough!

If you are looking for an easy and exciting way to add an ongoing safety program, then look no further.  PreSafe is a high-quality, practical learning system that provides age-appropriate safety lessons for your children that you can download and use today! The PreSafe Program enables you to offer something new and valuable to both your students and parents!  All your parents will support and appreciate a new safety program!  If you're not sure, just ask them.  And, having a safety training program for your students will give you an advantage over your competition!  The lessons are for students of all ages and abilities and can be valuable tools to keep current customers and attract new ones as well.

PreSafe makes it easy and fun to offer a year round safety training program. Within minutes, youíll have access to dozens of quality, practical safety lessons that can be used to create a weekly curriculum. With your own creative touches, you can use PreSafe to discuss the topics that are most relevant to your group of students and environment.
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PreSafe is composed of six safety chapters covering common safety topics. Within each chapter are lessons for children from two through seven years old. Your entire class can sit together and study any of the chapter topics. The twice-weekly, 30-minute lesson plan is designed to have your students take the safety lesson home and, as a homework assignment, create their own home-based version of that lesson with their parents, then bring it back to class for discussion the following week. One hour each week equals 100 safety lessons each year!

Five Easy Steps to Launch Success

Announce the PreSafe Program with a week-long safety event. Do an in-house promotion that can include the following:

  1.   Select a Monday Ė Friday week for the promotion.
  2.   Have your students make a classroom safety poster or banner.
  3.   Create a front desk display using the safety lesson pages.
  4.   Send a flier home with your students to inform their parents.
  5.   Send an email to all your parents to announce the program.

Launch Week Tips

Each day, teach a safety lesson from each chapter that the child takes home. Ask them to turn the page over and do their own safety lesson with their parents. Have them bring it back next week to talk about. This will announce the launch to all your parents and they will be able to see the quality of the safety lessons first hand.

Creating a Teaching Schedule

Spend some time each day going over the lesson pages they created at home.  Decide which is the best day to send a lesson home each week.  If your number of students is constant, then choose the Friday plan we suggest below.  If there is another day during the week when your population peaks, use that as your safety day.

Sample Lesson Plan

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The lesson that you create in class and send home on Friday is the one you ask your students to customize over the weekend and bring the next Tuesday for review. On Monday, send an email reminder to your parents to have their child bring the lesson the next day. On Tuesday, have a class that features the lessons they made at home with their parents. This creates the (new) Friday and (review) Tuesday lesson schedule. You are now having a dialogue about safety with your parents three times a week!  All your parents will approve of your new safety program!


The PreSafe Program can benefit your business in five ways:

    1.      PreSafe complements your curriculum with safety training
    2.      Keep your customers coming back and referring their friends
    3.      Attract new customers from your competition with PreSafe.
    4.      Strengthen customer loyalty with an ongoing safety program.
    5.      Create a new year-round revenue stream.