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Affiliate Sign up

Sign up details and instructions.


When you sign up as a new affiliate, you are assigned a link ID.   Your link ID is composed of the official store address combined with your ID number.  Once your link is created it is live and ready to be used.   As your link continues to be shared with friends and friends of friends, your ability to grow your online business continues.  The website, blog, email, Twitter and Facebook postings containing your affiliate link drive traffic to the PreSafe store.   The store link contains your ID tag and will connect you to all transactions.  You are notified of each sale automatically on your control panel.  40% of total sale volume is paid monthly on the 5th and 20th for all sales received by the first and the 15th.  Paid by check or PayPal.

If that all sounds reasonable, here is how to get started!

Step One: Create a Customer Account

  1. In order to become an affiliate, you must first create your customer account.  Go to childsafetylessons.com and click on the ‘customer login’ tab.

  2. Fill in all the required fields and submit with a valid email.  We will process your information and create your account.  You will receive an email confirming your customer account within minutes.  Thank you for becoming a customer.  Please read the instructions in the customer confirmation email carefully to become an affiliate.  (same as step 2)

Step Two: Create an Affiliate Account

Now that you are a registered customer, you can go back to the presafekids store and log back in as a returning customer using your email and password.  After logging in, you will be on the 'My Account' page with your name at the top. See your name?  Great, now click the 'Affiliate Register' link up top and fill out the additional fields on the registration page like terms/conditions and your tax ID.   If you do not have a web site, you may use presafekids.com.  When you’re finished, click ‘continue’ and a verification screen will confirm your affiliate account has been created.  Click the red box to go to your Account Control Panel.  Now the fun starts!  Log in and follow along!